My culinary beginnings happened at the tender age of 5, when I remember eating my Grandmother’s chicken and dumplings. I always loved food growing up; all the fuss was simply about eating, cooking, and watching the vegetables grow in the garden. One of my favorite jobs as a 14 year old teenager was in a local restaurant bussing tables and I continued working in restaurants all through high school.

From there, I chose Johnson & Wales University in Charleston, SC, to begin my culinary career. I was elected as Student Body President, and then in 1998 I was given the coveted honor of Student of the Year. I went on to become the Executive Banquet Chef at the renowned Kiawah Island Resort in Charleston at the age of 23. From there I trained under our local celebrity Chef Tim Creehan, worked at Bluepoint in Atlanta (the area’s #1 restaurant at the time), and then with French Chef Christian Deslandes at Beaumont’s in Charleston. Then I was offered an exciting job to travel with the prestigious Dingman Family for the next year and a half as their personal and private chef. I concluded my private chef career by working for New Orleans mogul Al Copeland, Sr.

Upon returning to this area once again, I worked under James Beard Foundation nominee, Phillip Krychek, from Fish Out of Water, which is one of Florida Trend’s Top 400 Restaurants in the world. I chose to venture back to Atlanta for the second time working as Executive Chef for the Infinity Dining Group, and began catering under my company as Signature Catering for many distinguished Buckhead families and also with some of the top restaurant designers in the southeast, such as “The Johnson Studio”.

In 2010, my soul got restless to return back to the beautiful Beaches of South Walton, when I decided I had grown and felt well rounded enough to begin presenting my ideas and love of catering for others. Please choose Signature Catering of 30A and know that I will strive to make each and every event a signature of my heart for your dining pleasure!

Christopher L. Holbrook.